Feb 6, 2017

Long Weekend Gone

It was Chinese New Year holidays a few days ago and I can't believe that the long weekend has just gone so fast! I remember the time when I was so excited for the long weekend and I made a lot of plans for it. But it just came and gone in an instant! :) Maybe I just enjoyed the long weekend so much that I didn't want it to end. We had bowling, malling and a nice dinner on Friday, then went to Ikea on Saturday, hang out on our friends place on Sunday after Church, then rested the whole day on Monday. Well, for me that how a holiday is supposed to be spent. There's time spent on malling and going around different stores, time spent with friends and of course, time spent in the house doing a bit of house chores and relaxing. Oh, there's not such times like these.. hope more long weekends will come.


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