Dec 7, 2016

No Music Classes in School

My kids are going to school now. It's actually more of a homeschool learning center where they still use homeschool materials but they do in a classroom setting. My kids are really enjoying their 'school' experience with new friends and different physical activities every week. They have bowling, skating, water gun fights and etc. The only thing that I think is  missing in their curriculum is music. I think we have to find our own music friend and let them learn what they want to learn. But overall, I'm still very thankful that my kids are happy with their new school. 


Clara Lane said...

It is hard to passing time without kids but it is priority to send them to school for education and learning, experiencing new lifestyle, behaviour etc. It is good to know that your kids are happy with their new school. Meanwhile being as an educator and also providing HRM dissertation topics - guidance to students who loves to listen music while learning which is good to listening to music before performing or studying a task can be useful by means of it increases memory, attention and even your skill to do mental math in addition to assisting reduce stress and nervousness.

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