Nov 7, 2016

The Marvel Of God's Grace

There are many recorded miracles throughout history, from the miracles written within the pages of the Old Testament to the miracles that go unnoticed in our lives each and every day. Each moment is a chance to encounter the divine, to see Jesus face to face, and to witness a miracle. Churches across the globe take note of extraordinary experiences, miraculous healings, and divine intervention every day. However, this largely goes unnoticed.

In modern times, many miracles, that have yet to be explained by modern science, speak of the wideness of God's grace. From cancer that mysteriously disappears without treatment to humans coming back to life without medical intervention, God is always at work. But are we ready to listen? Are we ready to make the changes needed to so that we can prepare to meet Jesus in person? 

Recently God appeared, as he did in biblical times, coming down from heaven as an apparition within the clouds. The image was caught on camera and became the subject of controversy as hosts of the evening news debated its meaning. However, for some the message was clear. God is making his presence known. He loves us and desires a relationship with each and every one of us. If you witnessed such a miracle, how would you answer God's call?

Another miracle occurred when a young man from Georgia was shot and pronounced dead. Miraculously the boy came back to life and today lives gloriously retelling of God's mercy which raised him from the dead. 

Miraculous events surround us each and every day. God's many miracles are how he is able to show himself to the world and allow us to know his presence. Through these close one-on-one encounters with the divine, God is able to change hearts and minds. Once a person has encountered the presence of Jesus in this close and personal way, they have a choice. They can either hand over their life to God and become a vessel for his change, or they can ignore his call. Again, how will you answer God's call?


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