Sep 16, 2016


We've been here for almost 3 months now. We have quite settled in here though not completely yet. But I thank God that though it's quite slow but surely, this place will soon become a "home" to us. I'm just so glad that the kids are happy and excited in their new homeschool centre. As for me, I'm still adjusting with work and honestly, quite overwhelmed with the 'new' things I'm going through. A lot of changes for me, for sure, especially with the fact that I'm not with the kids 24/7 and not to mention, no more sleeping late and sleeping in.. huhuh! Another very big adjustment is that I have to always 'think' with my new job. No more time for daydreaming and lazing around. It's like I'm back to school constantly thinking and meeting deadlines. But I'm sure through God's wisdom and help, I'll get use to this, once I've adjusted and learn my way around it. Now, I even like working with the music playing, without strobe tuners. Music makes me relax and be in the mood for work. 

Anyways, I praise God for everything that's happening, I believe He has ordered everything for us. Though there are some adjustments here and there, but these are essential for our learning and growing experience. :) 


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