Nov 10, 2015

Home Window Tinting Increases Energy Efficiency

Window tint is trending in home improvements and improving energy efficiency. One of the benefits of window tinting is that it withstands excessive heat well and lasts for years. While it does take patience and a steady hand to apply, home window tinting offers homeowners multiple benefits. Many homeowners seek professional installation to ensure a bubble-free application.

Lowers Energy Costs
Home window tinting does lower energy costs. It is made to block UV rays and the heat from the sun from heating the home. Fluctuating temperatures due to increased heat on the windows makes a home's HVAC system work harder and run more. With the use of window tint, the HVAC system is able to run more efficiently.

Helps Maintain Steady Internal Temperatures
Maintaining a steady temperature inside your home keeps every room comfortable. When an entire home keeps a steady temperature, heating and cooling costs are lower. As UV rays are blocked, the interior of the home heats at a slower pace. The remainder of the exterior of the home will continue to absorb some heat, but the window being tinted help balance that for even temperatures for longer periods of time.

Adds to Exterior Home Appearance and Safety
Window tinting does add to the exterior appearance of most homes. Those that are modern in design benefit the most from this look. Homes with light colored exteriors have more contrast in appearance from the curb.

Adding the tint does make it difficult for potential intruders to peer inside the home. When you are away from home, potential intruders may attempt to look inside through the windows to see if there is anything of value within the home. Your home is less of a target if a potential intruder cannot see what belongings you have.

Cost Efficient
Having window tint installed is more cost efficient than many homeowners think. Glass doors, such as sliding arcadia doors, and bay windows are the most expensive separately given the size and amount of tint required. Get free estimates today and decide if window tinting is the right energy cost reduction option for your home.

Window tinting used to be just for cars, trucks and commercial businesses. As green living and home energy cost efficiency remain trendy, specific residential window tint products were developed. The increasing popularity in residential tint services is an easier-to-maintain option and substitute for sun-setter window shades.


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