Jul 19, 2015

A Big Celebration

Even if I've been in Malaysia several times, I still have a lot of things to learn and discover. 

Just the other night, I thought there was a big celebration in a neighbor's house when they have a portion of the road closed with tables and chairs around. There was even a little stage where I imagined live bands with paf humbuckers. So, I thought there was a wedding or a birthday that's going to happen. But to my surprise, it's actually a wake of a funeral. And I thought events like these are supposed to be solemn and quiet. But as I compared with my experience in the Philippines, there are moments during the wake that's solemn and quiet but there are also moments that are noisy and joyful, especially during the times when all the relatives gather together. And what's more important is the solace and comfort that the bereaved family are getting from the friends and relatives around.