May 12, 2014

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a great way to prepare Mum for the impending birth of her baby, and provide an opportunity for her friends and loved ones to share ideas and gifts to prepare for the big event. While the regular baby shower gifts of all the essentials would always be much appreciated, here are some unique gift ideas that will give mum that little bit of extra love for the baby shower.

Gifts for Mum

Often when it comes to baby showers, there is a lot of energy put into thinking about what the new baby needs, but the mum is forgotten. One thing that every new mum needs is some pampering for herself, so why not buy her a massage voucher, or some other sort of special self-nurturing gift just for her. Check out for some stylish maternity wear so she feels like a million dollars when she steps out with her new bub.

Handmade Gifts

There is nothing so special as a handmade blanket or uniquely crafted clothing item for the new baby. While regular baby blankets and clothing will be hugely appreciated, and well used, the handmade blankets will be a gift that baby will keep for many years, and may even pass on to their own children. If you are not handy yourself, why not check out some of the handmade baby gear that is available at art and craft shows, or online, for that extra special something for the baby shower.

Book of Wisdom

A great idea for the baby shower is to have a nice journal, or baby book prepared for the baby shower, and get each mum to write some advice, or wisdom that they have learnt, to help the new mum. There are loads of books on the market that have lots of advice but having a personalised one, with wisdom of the women that you have in your life is something extra special for mum.

Meals for the Freezer

If there is one thing that every new mum needs help with, it is looking after the rest of the family once the new baby has arrived. Preparing meals for the freezer, and stocking up the cupboards with things that mum will need after the birth will help her immensely, and make life a lot easier on the whole family. Often when the family is suffering from lack of sleep, and are exhausted with spending time with their new bub; the opportunity to pull a meal out of the freezer and heat it up will make all the difference.

Baby Furniture

One of the most costly aspects of having a new baby is buying all the furniture that is needed. For many new parents, once they have bought a pram, cot, baby change table, bath etc, there is no money left for some of the lovely extras such as a rocking chair. A rocking chair is a really valuable piece of furniture that will enable mum (and dad) to nurse the new baby in comfort. Why not band together and all contribute a few dollars to buy a nice piece of furniture for the mum-to-be, or plan ahead and check if she would like the group to purchase one of the essentials such as the pram, or cot.
What other great baby shower ideas can you think of that will put a big smile on the mums face?


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