Feb 19, 2014

Steps to Getting Started in Competitive Golf

Golf is the sport that will require physicality, precision, and concentration. The only way to develop the appropriate skills to become a good golfer is through the necessary practice. Those interested in becoming competitive golfers should be sure to get in the practice necessaryto become a competitive player in the game of golf. No matter if you wish to take the traditional route of getting a golfing coach, or if you decide that you wish to strike it out on your own and become a self made winner, there are steps everyone must take to get started in competitive golf.

Practice Six times a Week

Practice may not always make for perfection, but for a competitive golfer, without consistent practice your talent will never materalize. A dedicated golfer will go onto the putting green and immediately feel and look like a natural on the golf course. Make a commitment to practice golf six days a week. You do not have to play a complete 18 holes every day in order to properly rehearse. In lieu of going to the range each day, you can practice your swing in a stationary practice area. Whether you are preparing your technique or playing a round for score, get onto the green as much as possible.

Buy a Quality Set of Clubs

The relationship between a golfer and their golf clubs is an important one. As you practice more and more on the putting green, you will understand that you need to have a good set of clubs to help with your success. The height and weight of the clubs that you will need is a personal decision that will depend on your particular tastes on the golf course. If necessary, try out a few golf club sets in order to find what works for you. Keep good notes on the types of clubs that you use in order to always get the most effective golf clubs when looking for a new set.

Practice Both Your Swing and Your Stance

Most golfers tend to be worried about their swing. While this is certainly a necessity, you must also be concerned about your stance. Your stance is what will give you a level of control over your swing. The way that you stand on the field will determine the angle that you hit the ball, how easy it is for your arms to move, and other idiosyncrasy on the golf course. Foot width and stance is a personal option, therefore, you must practice to know what works best for your swing.

Understand the Use of Each Club

With there being a high importance placed on the jobs of each of your clubs, you must learn how and when to use each club properly. The old saying is that you “drive for show, putt for dough”.  Your putter will be one of your most prized possessions to help you make shots on the course. The weight and balance of the club will make the biggest difference in how and when you use the particular club. Your woods, wedges, and irons all work together to provide you with a team of aids to give you the perfect score.

Join Amateur Competitions Immediately

Putting off joining a competition will insure that you never become a professional golfer. As soon as you develop good techniques and can play a few rounds with a decent score, enter into a competition. Even if you don’t feel that you have a chance to win, the competition is not about winning. Your first competition will be about experiencing the environment and learning from the other golfers. Being able to eye other golfers who will likely be in your same league during your career will give you some idea on what the competition’s strengths and weaknesses are. The competition itself will help you to understand the golf rulebook. Golfing is a sport with rules that must be adhered to properly in order to ensure true game scoring. Any rehearsal that you get from competitions, even if you come in last place, is a win for your golfing career.

Enjoy the Game

The only way that you can stay the course towards becoming a professional golfer is to truly enjoy the game. Those who golf as leisure sport head to the putting green just to enjoy being with friends and being in the beautiful scenery that is the golf course. Feeling relaxed will be the key element to making sure that your stance is perfect and that you are able to concentrate on your putting. Enjoying the time that you spend on the golf course will be a stipulation to being a gamer, as it will be where you spend the majority of your time as a golfer. 

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