Jan 29, 2014

Of New Pianos and Musical Inclination

Our nephew's got a new piano. He's musically inclined so, his parents bought him the piano. It's really important to check the giftings and inclination of the child first, before investing on buying musical instruments like a piano or a cool yamaha flute. I remember my parents investing on a piano thinking that my older sister would be interested with learning it. But it turned out she wasn't that interested so, the piano lessons has been passed to my other sister and finally to me. I wasn't very enthusiastic about the piano back then yet, I think my lack of motivation was due to the very strict piano teacher we had. Oh, I remember dreading saturday mornings because that will be the time for my piano lessons. But I still don't regret learning piano, even if I just know the basics and not good at it, I was able to serve the church the through the music team.

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