Jan 25, 2014

Homeschool on the Road?

We're currently traveling now and as a homeschool mom, I desire to continue homeschooling while on the road. Almost at every travel, I bring a few books and homeschool stuff. But do I get some serious homeschooling done? Nope! :) That's because everyone (including the teacher) is on a vacation mode and it's just so difficult to stop the fun we're having and do our work. But instead, I incorporate a lot of 'learning' stuff as we travel like talk about the places we are in, talk about the practical stuff as we go through them. And we even visit museums and famous landmarks. Well, that's leaning .. definitely not 'school' in the traditional sense, but I'm sure the knowledge they gain as we travel will 'stick' in their minds more than just reading about it.

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