Dec 6, 2013

Christmas Caroling

If we were in the Philippines during this time, I'm sure we could have already heard countless of Christmas carolers around the neighborhood. But we're in Thailand and you will only know that it's Christmas when you go to the malls. Even the malls don't have the entire shops decorated with Christmas decorations but just a small portion where they're selling the Christmas trees and decorations.

But anyways, even if we're in Thailand, we still plan to do Christmas caroling for our Thai neighbors. But unlike the caroling we do back at home, we are actually going to be the one to give them some goodies instead of receiving money from them. I'm actually quite excited for this and so are my kids. They were already planning to bring the keyboard or  microphones while we go around. But I guess an acoustic guitar would be more sufficient for our neighborhood caroling. :) 

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kimmy said...

we don't have carolers around the subdivision yet but i'm sure there will be in a few days..