Nov 20, 2013

The Best Place to Shop in Bangkok

We've been to Bangkok a few times, mostly on transit but last week, we had the chance to go around a bit in the city before sending my family to the airport. 

We were supposed to go to my favorite mall called the Terminal 21, but due to some protest march ( against the Amnesty Bill), the Sukhumvit Road was not accessible. Fortunately, one of the hotel staff was there when we were deciding where to go for the day when she suggested for us to go to Pratunam instead.

It was only then I remembered my friends mentioning this place as the best place to shop in Bangkok. So, to Pratunam we went.

Pratunam is actually not a name of a mall but the name of a place with many shops big and small alike all around. There we found the newly built Palladium Mall and the biggest wholesale and retail mall in Thailand, which is the Platinum Fashion Mall. Since there was a heavy traffic jam, we walked quite a distance to go to Platinum mall but we're glad that we did because we get to see some stuff on the side walk and bought 20 Baht shirts from Palladium Mall. Oh, we really had a price shock when we saw the prices of their products. For example, their bags were only 115 Baht! And those bags are worth 200 Baht here in Hat Yai. Their souvenir items were cheaper too! And when we entered the Platinum Mall, that's when we started to get dizzy! The clothes and accessories were very affordable and the variety was just way over the top! Sadly, we didn't have a lot of money to shop around and only managed to buy a few things. But it's okay, we shall be back there and this time, we will be more prepared to shop till we drop! :) 

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