Oct 29, 2013

Up and At ‘Em

Getting kids up for school can be a frustrating task. It’s not unusual for yelling to become part of the morning routine putting parents and kids in a frantic, negative mindset before the day even begins. While yelling may achieve a short term result, ideally kids will develop habits that will see them rise with enthusiasm and be ready to face the day.

From alarm clocks to music to lighting to tickling, there are a range of wake-up options that are sure to rouse kids peacefully and prepare them for the day ahead, here are some of the most effective options.


Historically humans have risen with the sun. Daybreak was the primitive alarm clock and light is strongly connected to our emergence from a sleep state. Certain hormones are released in response to light that stimulate the entire brain to become alert. For parents, opening blinds during the night means that daylight enters the child’s room naturally and begins to rouse them slowly from their slumber. Purchasing a dimmer switch on a bedroom light can simulate this experience and encourage alertness without any harsh sensory overload.

Play Music

Listening to music is a delightful way to start the day. The happier the music, the more enthusiastic a child will be to pop out of bed. There are a range of apps that allow morning music to become louder over time, easing kids out of sleep with their favourite upbeat songs. Morning dance parties could be the perfect family activity before getting everyone dressed and out the door.

Invest in an Alarm Clock

Digital products, especially for children are becoming increasingly sophisticated. With all kinds of alarms, from oversized Lego bricks to talking animal clocks, there is an alarm to suit every type of child. Investing in an alarm clock that will entertain and delight your child each morning is a great investment. They are eager to engage with the clock, especially one like Zazoo Kids Photo Alarm Clock which features a photo album, mp3 player, audio book player and of course an alarm. The alarm shows ‘awake’ or ‘asleep’ images on the screen depending on the time of day so kids know when it’s time for them to get up and time to stay in bed because while weekdays are focused on getting everyone up and out the door, weekends are for sleeping in as long as kids will let you.

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