Jun 28, 2013

The Climb to the Waterfalls

It has been awhile since we last visited the TOn Nga Chang Waterfalls here in Songkhla. So, when our friends invited us to go with them there, we didn't hesitate. This famous waterfalls has 7 levels. The last time we went there, we were only until the 3rd level. So, when our friends told us that the view at the 4th level is breathtaking, we got intrigued and decided to climb up.And oh, we were in for a very big surprise as the climb up was difficult. It didn't have stairs anymore as how we went up to the 2nd and 3rd level, but we were literally holding the rocks for support! It's a good thing that our kids our already older and can climb up   the 'mountain' without much assistance. Midway through our climb, I was already out of breath (which somehow proves that I lack strength and exercise) and was already regretting our decision of going until the 4th level. And when we finally reached our destination, we were sweating and panting. But as our friend said, the view was just beautiful and yes, 'breathtaking'! :)) And the lesson I got from that climb is that:  Indeed, bitter challenges come first before tasting the sweetness of victory! So, even if it's hard and a difficult road to take, we must persevere because something awaits us in the future.

 photo _DSC0089.jpg
During the easier part of the climb.. look at my son!

 photo _DSC0185.jpg
The view that met us when we arrived.. I wasn't able to take photo of the waterfalls at the back since I have to be in the water to be able to take a photo of it.. and  I don't want my camera to get wet. :)

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