May 21, 2013

Family Worship

Once  a month, our family  just stay home on Sundays and worship on our own. As much as I enjoy going to the Thai local service, I also love our time of worship as a family. We all have our own roles during our family sunday service. Though I'm not a very good guitar  player but I instantly become one. I really make sure that I tune the guitar online to make sure I get the right tune. I do wish we have a chromatic tuner from musicians friend , but I'm not ready for that yet. Anyways, back to out family worship we take turns leading worship. Then, we take take turns giving our testimonies and our learnings for the past weeks. This is my favorite part, I get to hear more from the kids. Even if I have daily devotions with the kids and get to hear them pray and thank God, but I never get enough of this stuff! It's truly a joy to hear from the kids. Then, either Hubby or I exhort from the word of God. This is our way of truly discipling our kids and letting them learn God's word. So, that's what happens during our once a month, family Sunday Worship. :) 

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