Jan 13, 2013

What Happened to our Li'l One

It started with a cough and then fever for a few days. After taking antibiotic, his fever was gone but his cough persisted. At first he wasn't coughing a lot but as the days wore on, his cough becomes harder and more frequent. So it was time for a doctor's check up. 

That was then we only knew that our son has asthma and he had to take 4 different kinds of medicine and has to use the nebulizer for him to be relieved of his cough. Thankfully after 2 days of medicine, he felt better and is now recovering well. Thank God!

Though we're not sure whether it's a good idea to get iq air healthpro plus or not, but we found that it would be best for my son to stay away from dusty places and other stuff that might trigger his asthma.

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