Dec 11, 2012

Credit Card Check

We're leaving in a few days to the Philippines. Yay! We're leaving via Kuala Lumpur and be boarding Airphil Express. This is my first on board this flight carrier. We usually take Air Asia or Cebu Pacific. But since we haven't planned earlier on going to the Philippines for Christmas, there were no seat promotions from both airlines anymore, so we settled of Airphil Express which has the cheapest rate at that time. 

At the time of booking, my rfid credit card had some problems so I used my  Mom's credit card details. It was only after I booked that I realized that with this airline, you need to present the credit card that you used in booking the ticket. So, I had to ask a scanned copy of my mom's credit card to present to the ticket counter.  I hope they will accept the scanned copy and let us board the plane. sigh!

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