Dec 7, 2012

Christmas Cards Almost Done!

We usually give out Christmas cards to our friends and family every Christmas. A few years back, we gave out hand made cards made out of recycled paper. But as years past by and we got busier, we settled with ready made cards. Last year, Hubby and I prepared refrigerator magnets with Christmas greetings. Everything was already packed and ready but we never got to mail them or send them to everyone because we were already so busy worrying about our family back in the Philippines who were affected by the flood.

This year, we're making another set of Christmas cards cum refrigerator magnets. Thanks to my friend, Raya who taught me a better way to do it and that is to have them printed professionally instead of using the home printer. There's really a lot of difference with professional printing. And since we were pressed for time we almost went to an overnight printing company, but they were charging a higher rate, so we opted for the normal printing.

And now, all I have to do is to laminate the photos, put  magnets on them and they're ready to go.

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