Dec 11, 2012

Being Contented With What you Have

This has always been my reminder for my kids. "Be thankful, be contented and be happy with what you have" There are times that I give them 'privileges' or 'rewards' but because they sometimes don't look at what they have on their hands but instead see's what the other's have, then they become discontent. They want what the others have. Then, they demand for something else and ends up whining if they don't get their demand. At the end, they forget about the 'reward' that have and sometimes they even have the tendency to shun it away. As a mom, I get irritated and at times get hurt with their reaction. These are the kids reaction to some simple stuff. 

But sometimes, we grown ups also behave like this. God gifts us certain gifts and talents. We are actually good in those things but it takes faith, time and work to develop them too. They don't grow overnight, right? But then, instead of focusing on our own giftings and cultivating them. We become busybodies and look at the right and left and see what others got. Oh, they seem so good with what they do. We see how people look up to them and appreciate them. And then, we feel bad and somehow complain in our hearts on why the others are far better and far more gifted than us. We become discontented and even to the point of being ungrateful. We shun away what we have and demand for something better. What do you think our Father in heaven would feel?

Let us be happy, contented and thankful  with what we have.. a lesson for my kids but a lesson for me too!

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