Nov 23, 2012

White Mountain Ica Kacang

I have a sweet tooth. I love everything that's sweet and the more if it's cold. From ice cream to ice kacang or halo halo. If only they're not fattening for the waist and painful for the wallet, I could eat them after every meal. But then....

Anyways, let me share with you my latest 'discovery' in Taiping. It's the delicious White Mountain Ice Kacang. I had this last week and I think I will make it a point to have it every time we visit Taiping. Ice Kacang is more like our Halo halo but minus all the taro, jackfruit, kaong, and etc. It's shaved ice with milk, syrup, beans and nuts.It's really a great snack or dessert during the hot weather.