Oct 2, 2012

Yehey! Fairy Hobmother Visited Me!

If you've been hopping from one blog to another in the blogosphere, you should have noticed by now that there is a Fairy visiting blog after blog to make the bloggers' wishes come true. This fairy is called the Fairy Hobmother, and as you can see in the photo below, this Fairy is actually a HE. Oh, don't ask me why but I'm going to tell you that it's truly a great blessing to be noticed and visited by Fairy Hobmother, because a gift awaits for the chosen ones! 

Matt Mitchell

So, if you've been wishing to be able to get the  Beko washing machines or other kitchen appliances, then follow the Fairy Hobmother around through Twitter or by leaving your prints ( through comments) where ever he visits. Who knows you'll be the next blogger to get a gift from him!


genefaith said...

Oh Fairy Hobmother I've been waiting for you for so long:) Hope you'll visit my son's blog at http://www.hyzyd.info and spread your generosity on him as he celebrates his 4th birthday:)

thank you:)

bellavienne said...

How cool is that? we have a male fairy! May his rainbow dust gets sprinkled on my family it would surely be appreciated. Fairyhobmother my daughter would like to hear from you.


Michaelo Bryan said...

Yey! Congrats! I'm happy to know that FairyHobmother finally visited your blog. How I wish he would come to visit a daddy blog too :)

Our Family Story said...


May I get some sprinkles, too!

Nancy said...

congratulations! pass on the charm, please...

Mama Vernz Theory said...

Congrats Gen.. hope he'll visit me too :)
Dropping by :)

Pretty Kat said...

Yeah, I have seen him blog hopping, and he granted all the bloggers wishes. I wish he could find his way at my blogs, and grant my simple wish as well.


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