Oct 24, 2012

Why I love my Kindle

I'm so thankful for my Kindle. Because of it, I find myself reading more and more books. I've always been a reader.But after kids and stuff, I found myself having less time to read books. But with the easy access of free ebooks and convenience of the Kindle, I find more opportunities to read. What I also love with Kindle , apart from the fact that I can use it for weeks without charging it, is that with the touch of a word, the definition will automatically appear. As you know, my vocabulary has rusted quite a bit so, sometimes, I check myself whether I really know the meaning of a certain word. I'm sure reading  a lot will also help me as a blogger. 

So, what's in my Kindle? Oh, a lot of collections, actually. There's a collection for my Hubby, my daughter,for my son, then there's Bibles, Devotional and Christian books, Self- Help and Motivation, Recipes, Novels, Photography, DIY and Home Improvement and Homeschool Resources. I think there are over a hundred of books in my Kindle now. So, you see with a 'library' full of books, there's always something for me to read during my 'me' time. Aside from buying 0.00$ books from Amazon, I have also found a way to download PDF format ebooks into the device. So, with this method, the book titles available are just endless! One can also get Magazine Subscriptions and the like. 

That's why I'm really loving my Kindle and I never regretted buying this. I was actually having second thoughts with this purchase since there's always the Tablet or iPad, But aside from the fact that I can't afford the tablets, I find this to be more worthwhile since one could always be distracted with the apps and games from the tablets. 

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