Oct 18, 2012

What Happened to the Turtle?

I was browsing through our photos and I saw this particular photo taken during the Agricultural Fair at PSU. During that fair, they had various displays on agriculture, marine life and such. Then I caught my son staring at the turtle in one of the booths for a very long time. And when I came near he asked me first whether it's a real turtle or not. And asked, 'what happened to the turtle?'.

Oh, it's a pity sometimes when we explain these things to kids. Kids are more sensitive about harming animal life or sea creatures for that matter. So, I took time in explaining a few things from the posters about taking care of the sea and the environment. So, you can see from the photo, that it looks like he's taking care and protecting the turtle.I think I can include this topic in one of our homeschool lessons.It will be nice to rent   Beach Houses in Galveston and to really see all the sea creatures and let the kids have a first hand experience. But for now, we'll try to stick with the books and maybe make a short trip to the beach nearby.

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