Oct 27, 2012

The Pendant

Here's our girl wearing her favorite necklace with the special pendant. There's actually a story behind this pendant. It's a gift for me from our our homeschool curriculum, Sonlight but told my daughter that I'm giving it to her. I remember the day when I brought this pendant out and read out the letter attached to it. The pendant is just actually a coin, but it's not an ordinary coin but a 'mite' from Israel. Remember the widow's mite? The 'small' offering given by the poor widow in the treasury box?

Anyways, after I read the letter from Sonlight and after we reread the passage about the widow's offering from the Bible, I saw my girl teary eyed and said, heartfully, ' Thank you so much for this gift, Amma!".. She kept asking me whether it's really the 'real' coin and kept exclaiming that she has something that the Bible has mentioned. This has become her most valuable possession ( and not her sterling silver bracelet )  and never fails to tell a friend the story behind her pendant.

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