Oct 28, 2012

The Chef who Lost Weight

Most of the Chefs I've known/seen have been on the heavy side. I mean, who won't be when you're in front of delicious food each day? We know one of the great chefs here in Hat Yai. He owns a restaurant and has won a lot of cooking competition. And for the years we knew him, he has been on the overweight side. But today, we got a big surprise when we saw him. At first, I hardly recognized him and thought that he was one of the waiters. But at closer look,it's the chef and he lost a lot of weight! Of course, I was so curious on how he lost all the weight. He was actually on some kind of food supplement in addition to other vitamins ( like bariatric advantage multivitamin ). So, in a few months time, he lost a total of 18 kilos! Amazing huh? 

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