Oct 18, 2012

Thank You Lord of the Healing

Our family has been sick since last week. It all started with Hubby having flu at the start of the week, and after he recovered, Lyle also had fever, cough and flu during the weekend. And because I was the official 'nurse' of my li'l boy, I also had flu for a couple of days. But even after I recovered, my son's sickness went on with his cough even getting worse. He has actually been on medication since Friday and antibiotics since Saturday. His fever has gone down but last night his cough has gone from bad to worse. It was like he was coughing several times in a minute and this went on until 1 o'clock in the morning. Poor boy! So, we had to bring him to the hospital this morning for another check up. 

Then after 5 different types of medication and a few hours later, his cough has become lesser and with longer intervals.Now, my boy is fully asleep and a few intermission ( *cough) in between. Thank you Lord! Now, we can all sleep peacefully. :)

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Pepper Tan said...

Isn't it heartbreaking when your kid is sick? I can barely get any sleep whenever that happens to my little girl. It's good that you're all better now.