Oct 18, 2012

Our Errand Boy

After training our li'l girl to go to the shop for some errands, now it's our son's turn. He actually likes going to "Aunty Anne's Shop" as he calls it, and has been volunteering himself whenever I wanted his sister to buy stuff (like salt, soap and the like) for as long as I can remember. We thought that he's too young to go to the shop by himself and he might not be careful enough to walk on the side of the road. But in reality, the shop I'm referring to is just 2 houses away from our house, so it's really not just dangerous, I think it's just my imagination. But sometimes my boy can really just act like a BOY, you know. But, he has proven himself that he can behave well, a few times and so, the buying errands has been passed down to him, with the relief from his elder sister, who's always so busy with her books.

Anyways, our son is now 'crowned' as our little errand boy. And just like his sister ( when she was younger),  calling him for errands will surely be replied with such excitement and joy! :) I'm sure when he grows a lot bigger, we can ask him to go to the market or the carpet shop for bigger and more difficult errands. Or maybe .....

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