Oct 13, 2012

Just Inquiring

We were admiring a few of the brand new cars on display at Big C Extra one time. Out of curiousity, Hubby asked how much they cost and the terms applied when buying as a foreigner. Since I think it's the first time for the agent to entertain a non-local customer (or maybe she's new), she was not so sure of some information. Instead,she jotted our number and promised to call for the answers. A day later, she really called and gave all the details. Then, she called the next day and asked again if we're interested. 

Hubby and I just smiled at each other since we knew it's really impossible for us to buy a brand new car at this point of time. I don't think we even have the means to buy even just the seat covers for ford f150. LOL! But anyways, at least we know now about a few details in buying a car in Thailand for foreigner. This little info might be handy someday. :)

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