Oct 24, 2012

Free Time?

Since my daughter wasn't well the whole day, I decided to give her off from her homeschool. I also didn't put my son to sleep in the afternoon and just allowed them to watch movies in the computer. Of course, they're very happy since it's a Wednesday and they're only supposed to watch cartoons for an hour or two on Saturday ( sometimes on Sunday). 

That left me some 'free time' and decided to just work on my posts. Only did I realize that indeed I have a lot of catching up to do with my blogs. But instead  of concentrating on finishing my online tasks and write a few posts, my mind was somehow scattered with other things. I would think of writing something and then pick up the guitar and sing a song and then, reply an email and think of doing other things.Oh, well..I think this is what happens when I have an 'unplanned' free time.  I tend not to accomplish anything but instead do a little of this and a little of that .. 

And now, my free time is almost over.... but at least I was able to work on my online tasks, though I would have preferred to finish them all in a single afternoon.

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kim said...

good for you, girl!