Oct 24, 2012

A Cold Day

It has been raining for 2 days now. Though,there's nothing to fear ( flood) of this rain since it's just very light and not continuous. This is the kind of rain that I actually like.. :) It makes the surroundings cool and 'clean' after the rain. After leaving our front doors opened, it seems that our house is air conditioned. For those whose ac needs fixing,this will be the best time to call ac repair phoenix, because you won't be using the units much. 

I love the weather now, but even with the cool surroundings, I still like to turn on the electric fan to make myself colder. LOL! Oh, these are the times when I would crave for my favorite Banana que ( fried banana coated with caramelized sugar) or Champorado ( milk chocolate porridge). These are Philippine delicacies that I miss so much and I grew up eating on rainy afternoons back home. I actually miss a lot of our Filipino Delicacies, that's why I just couldn't wait to go back home at the end of the year. Oh, well, maybe tomorrow,I'll make my own Champorado, it's the only thing that I could make here in Thailand because I can always substitute the cocoa tablets ( tablea) with the cocoa powder that I use for baking. Well, I hope that it rains again tomorrow, so it would just be perfect for my champorado. :)

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