Sep 22, 2012

Work Day on A Saturday

I consider it today as my work day, doing online work that is. I've been very busy the past week(s) with visitors and homeschool that I really didn't have much time to do my online work.Or maybe I was just lazy to  do them. So, my aim for today is to finish all my pending tasks and to look for new ones. Thank God it's a Saturday, so I don't have to homeschool my kids today. I will just let them watch a movie and maybe let them play computer games for an hour or two. It's a Saturday anyway, and it's their only time to do all these since these activities are only set for them during the weekends and  we were also out the past Saturdays.

Oh, how I love non-busy Saturdays.. It has been awhile since I long for peaceful Saturdays and a day when I could just stay at home all day. I think this is the only free Saturday for me this month. I have a few things going on the next Saturdays too. So , I better enjoy this day to be home and laze around but wait I'm supposed to be doing work! But let me surf the net first and check on a site on video intercom systems. After this, I'll do work, I promise!

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