Sep 26, 2012

What Should You Be Doing Now?

If the internet hasn't been invented at this time, what should you be doing now? Obviously, you won't be reading this post or wouldn't even be sitting in front of the computer. Anyways, I asked that question to myself yesterday.. 'if there's no such thing as the internet, what would I be doing now?' And immediately, I thought that maybe I could be reading a book or maybe be playing outside with my kids. Sometimes, I wish that the internet wasn't invented. I love to read books and somehow, I haven't been reading as much books now than before. Maybe I will have more 'free time' and more time to socialize with real people too. As an introvert, this actually takes more effort for me. But if the internet wasn't invented, maybe it would be difficult to communicate with my family and friends, then there won't be such thing as 'online work' for me and maybe I won't be able to discover new skills for me like baking, photography and such (as most of my 'knowledge' from these stuff came from GOOGLE) and lastly research would be time more difficult and time consuming. Right now, if we want to know anything from jib cranes to respiratory system, the answers are just a split seconds away.