Sep 4, 2012

Printing Frenzy

I could remember those days when I had a Printing Frenzy.. no, our printer wasn't new at that time nor our ink cartridge but I got a 10$ coupon from Scholastica and they were also having a 1$ sale at that time. So, with my 10$ cash voucher I was able to buy 10 ebooks for free! Oh, I was so excited because with that coupon I bought a lot of materials and activity books for my preschooler and my 1st grader. So, I bought reams of A4 sized paper and printed the books to my heart's content.

I was able to print a pre-writing activity book, a couple of Math books, a grammar book, spelling book, among others. Oh, I was like a printing press at that time though I could never be like Conquest Graphics which well known to have great quality when it comes to your printing needs. Anyways, back to my printing frenzy, I'm glad that I got hold of those educational materials because I was able to use them especially for my son's writing practice and my daughter's Math, spelling and grammar practice. The books from Scholastica are really fun! I hope that they can offer those cash vouchers and dollar deals again.

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