Sep 22, 2012

Next Week

Next week, I'm going start eating healthy food. This is a promise that I'm making to myself after seeing myself gaining to much weight in the photos ( and in real life for sure!) Why wait next week? It's because we will only be doing our monthly groceries next week so, that's the time that I can buy all the fruits and vegetables that I need. 

I've already asked support from family and especially my kids to support me in this weight loss endeavor. It means no tempting me with food and hopefully no eating out. I get so tempted whenever we eat out. If I love vegetable salad with vegan salad dressing , then I can enjoy a meal like this even in front of all the delicious Thai food around. But sadly, that's not the case, if I have to choose a vegetable salad and french fries... I would surely choose the latter... So, all the best for me next week!!