Sep 6, 2012

DIY Stores

I love going to DIY stores. Though I'm not really a handy woman, but somehow I get inspired to create new projects whenever I'm in a DIY shop. I remember going to Handyman and Ace Hardware in the Philippines and DIY Shop in Malaysia. I like to conceptualize things and I'm fortunate to have a handy man ( no other than my Hubby) who can make all the stuff for me. Hubby's a handyman and he also has his own great ideas on how to create things. Oh, we make a good team!

Our projects are not really very complicated, it can be from a recycled lamps to DIY stained glass windows. We haven't had projects yet that require VibrAlign. Vibraligns are actually tools that gives you precise alignments. So, if you're looking for tools with precise alignments then better consult this laser alignment specialist.

Back to DIY stores, I just hope there will be an upcoming DIY store here in our city. So far we only have HomePro and with very limited choices. But then, I'm not complaining since we could still get what we need from this shop. Anyways, I'm just itching to do a new project. I better check out Pinterest for ideas.

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