Sep 12, 2012

Coffee Lover

I love coffee! This love affair has started during my college days when coffee was part of my life as an Interior Design student. We had design plates and countless projects to finish and so we're up all night and needed the caffeine. It was then that I discovered the 3 in 1 gourmet coffee sachets from "Great Taste" (if I'm not mistaken) and been introduced to the delightful flavors of Cappuccino, Amaretto and the like.

Then during my short holidays back home, I would enjoy my father's brewed coffee from our coffee maker. Oh, during that time, the coffee shops were not mushrooming yet like they are now. But I already noticed that my father and brother were already coffee drinkers. So, that's my story of how I love coffee. :) But don't get me wrong, I'm not a coffee addict. I can survive a day or 2 without it but a day with it is just better. Hehehe!

Now, I've been dreaming to have my own espresso maker or even those simple Coffee Makers We have a friend who has this cool espresso machine and I just love going to their house. Visiting them is actually like making a trip to Starbucks, ( since they buy their coffee beans from Starbucks). Anyway, I've heard there's also such thing as Single cup coffee makers . That would be perfect for me too, since Hubby is not so much into coffee. He's more of a tea drinker. I think it would be a good idea to start browsing around for these gadgets. Who knows, there might be one on sale at an incredibly low price. *wishful thinking

Just the other day, I got hold of a free ebook with very simple coffee creamer recipes. The photos look so delicious and I have to try out those recipes next time too. So, I guess the next step would be to get a coffee machine..

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