Aug 7, 2012

Survey Says!

Surveys are very important for any business or organizations. Its through the surveys that they can based their research on how they can become more effective, profitable and the like in the business. But many times, consumers like us are tired of filling out survey forms and are not very serious with it. I for not, am not keen on filling out these survey forms. I know that it only takes a few seconds to tick the answers but maybe these forms must be made more interesting to catch the attention of the consumer. Or maybe the company can also offer incentives to the consumers if they fill out a form. I'm not sure though if that's considered as bribery or the results of the study might be compromised because of the 'incentive'.

Anyways, just recently I've come across online survey software that can be very good tool for every business and even anyone who needs to do a research based on surveys. This software is said to be very easy to use that even an intern can use but is sophisticated enough for a PH. D. With this software that's easy to use ( with a fewer clicks and be customized), more time can be allocated for research than the actual survey itself.

This survey can be used for a variety of purposes like market research surveys, experimental research, course evaluations, for enterprise feedback management, to improve customer satisfaction and etc. I've just browsed through the site and I saw that the types of surveys conducted are quite interesting and can truly engage the customer or the people answering the surveys.

So, if you are a student who needs to do surveys for a thesis or research paper, you can try this software. Or if you're have a business and want to find out what your customers need, then this software will be good for you too!

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Survey Tool said...

I am just not sure the best way to go about it. I really like your survey questions. All but about 3 are questions I would like to use. Thank you for sharing!!
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