Aug 17, 2012

Sick Kids

I don't have enough sleep right now. I think that was almost 4 o'clock when we finally dozed off to sleep. Sadly, our kids are not well and they were having tummy pain and vomiting at the wee hours in the morning.

It was actually a bit scary to see my daughter cringing in pain and wanting to go to the hospital. It's the first time for me to see her in terrible pain. We were already ready to rush her to the hospital, but decided to wait for a little while. Honestly, after our exorbitant bill from the hospital last year, we're not so keen in going to Thai hospitals now. Yes, we do have medical insurance just like how we have life insurance online , but we still ended up paying a lot of money because our insurance didn't cover the whole hospital cost. Anyways, we tried to soothe our daughter and we prayed for her. After awhile her pain has subsided but her vomiting persisted. But we already knew we didn't need to go to the hospital because she's not having pain any more. Just when my daughter has calmed down, my son said he also feels like vomiting. If you know my son, he's a 'joker' and can be a dramatic actor at times. So, Hubby and I just looked and each other and smiled when he said this. But a little bit later, he really vomited and did this several times like his older sister. Thankfully, he didn't have tummy pain. And after a couple of hours, they stopped vomiting felt better and fell asleep. Whew! Thank God!

We're guessing that they must have eaten or drank something that made them sick. But thankfully, I think they're better now.

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