Aug 7, 2012

Monitoring the Flood in Luzon

Photos taken from ANC 24/7 Facebook Page

I've been monitoring the flood situation of Luzon ( particularly the Manila area) ever since this morning. As I update myself with the news and FB status of friends, I'm praying that indeed everyone will be safe there. I'm glad to know though that some of our FB friends are now safe and have evacuated to a safer area.

Since the water level is only slowly rising, at least the people are more alert and have more time to prepare for evacuation or do the necessities. Somehow, I'm thankful for this.. because the worst scenario is the one like the flood brought by Sendong ( in Cagayan de Oro) where everything happened in the dark ( wee hours in the morning) and the water level rose so fast that many people were left unaware.

Let's continue to pray for the residents of Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon.

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Author said...

very saddened to know. May tubig paba kaya hanggang ngayon?