Aug 7, 2012

Keep Safe, Manila!

I've been reading the status of my FB friends who are in Manila. It seems that it has already started to flood and everyone is nervous that another major flood like the one brought by Ondoy will happen. One of my friend said the water has already reached 6 ft. in their house and they're praying that it won't reach the 2nd floor of their house. Oh, when I saw my friends' status, I couldn't help but be anxious for them and this led me to pray. Praying that the rain will stop and I pray for the safety of the Manila residents.

Our family has experienced a lot of floods both in Philippines and Thailand. Last year was the worst as my mom and sisters' family had to climb up the roof of the church and left their houses being washed away by it. We thank God that even if the flood left them practically nothing, but they were safe and secure. Now, it has been 8 months after that incident and we have seen that indeed, material things can truly be replaced and LIFE is important more than anything.

Two years ago, we also experienced flood in Thailand. Though it was not as traumatic as the one my family experienced in the Philippines, but it was still a bit scary experience especially with the fact that you're trapped in the house and you don't know until which level the water will rise. Thankfully, the water level didn't reach the 2nd floor and the water receded the day after. We didn't have a lot of things damaged since we were able to bring most of them on higher ground. But we still had a lot of clean up to do. What I especially noticed after that flood was that we all got very sick. It must be the dampness and the bacteria that was brought in the house. We had to buy an air purifier like the one from and after that, everyone was okay.

Anyways, back to Manila. We will continue to pray for everyone's safter.. Keep safe, Manila!

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