Aug 25, 2012

Fun Train Rides

A couple of weeks ago,we went to Malaysia by train. Oh, how our kids were so delighted when they found out that they can ride the train again. I kinda like riding the train too but just for the fact that we can save some money compared to going to Malaysia by car. Yeah, I'm that stingy. LOL! But on the other hand, train rides to Malaysia ( and even to Bangkok) are quite comfortable so, I have nothing to complain about.

So what do my kids do during long train rides?

After staring at the window for several minutes and looking at the trees as 'they pass by', they play with the phone, eat, play together, read, eat again, watch a movie from the computer and then they sleep.

Pretending to be asleep..

Pretending to wake up..

Now, seriously reading..

Or rather listening....