Aug 25, 2012

Being on A Budget

Since Hubby and our family has been travelling for the past months and we'll be doing more trips in the next few months, we're really trying to tighten up our expenses. And one gauge to know know that we're on a tight budget is that we have fewer trips to the hypermarket. Yes, we're avoiding the malls or hypermarkets like a plague these days because we know that once we're inside one we could never go out with just a loaf of bread and jam but with other things as well.

Our supplies are slowly finishing up and I'm controlling the urge to go and replenish our supplies immediately, but patiently waiting for the scheduled time in which we're supposed to do our monthly groceries. As for home decor like curtain rods and incandescent lights ( for our lamp) these all can wait too. We have to prioritize our purchases so as to just be within our budget and have enough savings for our trip back home.

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