Jul 15, 2012

Wedding Cupcakes Delivered

The cupcake with the groom and bride's initial ( logo)

All ready to be delivered 190 of them!

I made a promised and even with a little difficulty, the promised was delivered, praise God! Yes, 190 wedding cupcakes has just been delivered to my friend's wedding in Samut Sakhon ( near Bangkok).

I started to bake the cupcakes on Thursday evening and was already bracing myself to be awake for at least 24 hours, but thankfully 2 of my friends came and helped me with the baking and frosting. Then a little later, three more friends came and they in turn helped with the packing. As a result, I didn't have a sleepless night at all since everything was done by 3 AM. I know it's still a little bit late, but considering my small oven that can only bake 6 cupcakes at time ( and was planning to bake 200 cupcakes!) that's already a breakthrough. Thank God for friends.. and thank God that the bride and their family were so happy when they saw the cupcakes!

As a side note, maybe I should seriously consider doing a cupcake business. I really like to bake and only if it's not too time consuming and too costly to invest in this business with small business insurance , I would really like to give it a go. Hmm.. we'll see..

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