Jun 10, 2012

Social Network with a Purpose

Many of the social networks we have now are mostly for recreation purposes. Though social networks plays an important part of our society today, but it's primary purpose for us if for recreation, information and entertainment.

But there is this network existing in the US that caters to the needs of the physicians. It's called Doximity. This site has a very large network of real physicians and is only used for them. It's primary purpose is to create this large network of physicians so, they can share resources, information or referrals with each other. Imagine, how easier it could be for a physician in New York to refer his or her patient who's moving to California if he has all the information of a good physician in that place. And for example if you're searching for Herman Nadal, MD , it'll be so easy to find where this physician is based and a lot of other details too. I've also heard that currently 6% of the physicians in the US are in this network. And with any social networks, we could predict that this number will increase in no time. Just like Facebook, who could imagine that with a few years in it's existence, its subscribers could reach up to almost 800 Million.

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