Jun 14, 2012

Our Philippine Independence Day

A couple of days ago was the Philippine's Independence Day. Thank God that I remembered it the day before so, I was able to make a bit of planning for the day.

So on that day I cooked a Filipino food for lunch called Adobo. It was then that I realized that I haven't cooked Adobo for quite a long time already. It's good that we were able to buy bay leaves from Malaysia, which made my adobo quite the authentic kind. Of course, my kids loved it. They always do.. sometimes I don't know anymore whether they really love my food or they just say it to please me. LOL!
Here's my biko. Recipe from Panlasang Pinoy. It's quite easy to make!

Then for our afternoon snack, I made Biko ( or the sweet sticky rice). Thanks to Panlasang Pinoy for the recipe ( both for the adobo and biko). While having our snack, I gave my daughter a bit of Philippine history via YouTube and glad that she was able to enjoy it. I know when she's enjoying her 'lessons' because she will always reiterate what she learned to somebody she talks to. In this case, she told HUbby when he got home. She actually started with the question, ' Do you know why Amma know some spanish words?' 'Why?', her Appa asked. ' It's because the Spanish people ruled the Philippines for over 300 years!.... then the Americans came.... then another war ( WW2)... the Japanese.. etc.. etc.. ' Haha! You should hear how my daughter talks when she's excited about something, she just babbles on and on without sometimes realizing that she might be boring the person she's talking to with too much details. ( Now , I'm realizing that I do that sometimes when I blog about something that excites me.. LOL!)

Anyhow, I'm glad that our Philippine Independence Day went well. Maybe next time we should prepare more and have a flag raising ceremony or something.. LOL! But seriously, my point is I should not forget to let my kids continue to be aware of their roots ( 1/2 root) and their culture.

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wow! yummy kaau tanawon....