Jun 5, 2012

Homeschool Routine

I'm really enjoying our new homeschool routine these days. In the mornings, I just give my daughter some readings or worksheets while I teach my son how to read. Then,we have our lunch. In the afternoons, I pre-assign some history or science reading to my daughter while I let my son take a nap. And once my son is in dreamland, I then continue to supervise my daughter's homeschool we do some quizzes, spelling work and etc. Then, before she sleeps we have our time for read alouds which she truly loves.

It really helps that my daughter is so much into reading these days.It's easier for me since she can pre read our lessons while I just review them with her and I assess her on what she has learned so far. So, what I do is to supervise her and monitor her from time to time.

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