Jun 23, 2012

The DIY Lamp

Above is the DIY Lamp made by Hubby out of a recycled can. It really looks so cool and somehow gives our porch a kind of an ambience. We actually added a few things on our porch, so it can be a place for us to hang out during the evenings. We put in plants ( yes, we now have plants, finally!) , a stone table and chairs and repainted our gate and grilled fence. It's not a total renovation but with this little makeover, it did change the look and feel of our porch. A few times our neighbors actually stopped by and told us that they like what we did with our porch. Of course, this made us happy to know that the change is noticeable with just spending a few hundred Bahts in buying the paint, plants, wire and light bulbs.

It'll be nice to do a little bit of makeover in our house interior too. But since we can't have a big renovation like how they do renovations Toronto or home improvements Toronto because it's not our own house and we don't have the budget. But then with our limited budget and 'unlimited' creativity, I'm sure we can make our house better and cozier.