May 25, 2012

Super Mom and Grammy Winning Award Artist

I've just been to a site where Super Mom, WD40 and Jo Dee Messina was introduced. It's actually my first time to hear about her, but I can't help but be impressed as to how she has juggled her soaring singing career and household at the same time. I'm not sure though if she has toddlers or she's homeschooling or if she has people to help her around but the fact that she's successful in both aspect of her life is already worth commendable.

As for me, I'm not juggling both full time career and family , but just juggling between housework, homeschool and last in the line is my online 'job'. Though its tiring at times, but most of the days, I'm just grateful for the opportunity to 'train up our children the way they should go'. The joy of seeing them learn and grow holistically can never be replaced. And of course the unlimited hugs, kisses, thank you's and I love you's that you get each day. Bliss!

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kimmy said...

sounds like a real Supermom to me..