May 2, 2012

Play Dates

Last week was a lot of fun for my kids. Two of their friends came over for a few afternoons. Since their age ranges from 4-9 , I had to think of activities to keep them busy. On the first afternoon, we had crafts and movie time, then had baking on the 2nd afternoon and we played dress up on their last afternoon at home.

They really had fun and my kids have been looking forward for those afternoons. I also enjoyed being with them, teaching them and dressing them up. But admittedly, at the end of the day I get so exhausted that I could just lay on bed and stare on the ceiling for hours. LOL! I guess, it was also because I cram all my housework and homeschool in the morning just to leave the afternoons free for the kids' activities. But, I'm looking forward for more playdates with the other kids.. maybe not for consecutive days though but maybe we could do hat once a week or once every other week.

playing dress up

baking time


Marms said...

Kids enjoy being with other kids. Play is healthy and play dates are important for social development.


Em-em said...

they're cute, dako na...