May 28, 2012

Grade 12 in the Philippines

I heard that the Department of Education in the Philippines is pushing on our elementary schools to be until Grade 12. I really haven't searched on this topic yet, but I've got a little bit of info here and there.. err..mostly rants from a few of my Facebook friends.

I can't give a strong opinion on this subject yet too, since I haven't researched about it. But, my initial reaction was actually quite negative one, since it would mean more years of study and therefore more expenses for the parents. In Malaysia, they also have a different system of education and it's longer too if you proceed to get a degree , but what I like about it is that even if one doesn't pursue a higher education and just go to Regency Beauty Schools , there are always good paying jobs available (that is if you're not too picky).

I just hope that this move (Grade 1-12) from the government will truly give our people not just a better education but more jobs too!

What about you? What's your opinion on this issue? Please share..

For the meantime, let me Google about this Grade 12 thingy and see what it really is about. :)

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